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Course Modules
Module 1: Business Overview and Structure
✔ Welcome to the Course (How to Succeed!) (3:21)
✔ The FBA Business Model + The Power of FBA (10:15)
✔ The Private Label Mindset (4:22)
✔ FBA Up Costs + Fees to Expect (10:49)
✔ Business Structure (Setting up an LLC) (7:19)
✔ Selling from Anywhere in the World (2:05)
✔ EIN's Simplified and How to Get One (2:25)
✔ Must Know Information About Insurance (3:06)
✔ Getting Your Amazon Account Set Up (6:58)
✔ Introduction to Seller Central (6:43)
Module 2: Laying the Foundations
✔ Introduction to JungleScout (12:50)
✔ What Makes a Good Product? (Criteria + Characteristics) (12:04)
✔ Reading and Understanding Numbers Correctly (15:33)
✔ Gated, Restricted, and Products to Avoid (7:44)
✔ Selling in Sets, Bundling, and Differentiating (8:42)
✔ Private Label Product Examples (8:51)
✔ How Many Units to Order and Why (1:59)
✔ Inner Circle Opportunity Score Calculator (4:10)
Module 3: Game Changing Product Research
✔ Intro to Product Research (4:00)
✔ Product Research Strategy 1 (Jungle Scout and Foundations) (6:46)
✔ Product Research Strategy 2 (6:32)
✔ Product Research Strategy 3 (2:52)
✔ Product Research Strategy 4 (4:56)
✔ Product Research Strategy 5 (2:42)
✔ Product Research Strategy 6 (2:37)
✔ Product Research Strategy 7 (2:02)
✔ Product Strategy Research 8 (2:03)
✔ Product Research Strategy 9 (5:37)
✔ Product Research Strategy 10 (2:41)
✔ Product Research Strategy 11 (2:04)
✔ Product Research Strategy 12 (1:56)
✔ Product Research Strategy 13 (3:45)
✔ Product Research Strategy 14 (1:44)
✔ Product Research Strategy 15 (2:47)
✔ Product Research Strategy 16 (0:37)
✔ Product Research Strategy 17 (1:41)
✔ Combining Product Research Methods (Demo) (8:28)
Module 4: Validating Your Product 
✔ What to Look for Before Proceeding with a Product Idea (3:56)
✔ Checking for Seasonality and Trends (7:49)
✔ IC 999 Tracking (9:11)
✔ Checking + Understanding Patents and Trademarks (6:23)
✔ Confirming Launch Potential (3:04)
✔ Confirming Your Product Is Not Restricted (8:42)
✔ How to Calculate Estimated Profit (Simple Method) (3:07)
✔ Targeting the Right Main Keyword (2:14)
Module 5: Branding, Packaging, & Sourcing
✔ How to Find the BEST Suppliers on Alibaba (9:08)
✔ Find Suppliers Using Alternative Supply Sources (4:21)
✔ How to Find Your Competitors Suppliers (SUPER HACK) (3:49)
✔ The Safest Way to Pay for Your Inventory (4:43)
✔ Game Changing Brand Name and Logo Design (8:33)
✔ The Ultimate Guide to Custom Packaging (9:20)
✔ FNSKU’s vs UPC’s - What You Really Need to Know (5:45)
Module 6: Contacting Suppliers & Shipping
✔ How to Effectively Contact Suppliers (12:41)
✔ How to Get a Lower MOQ and the CHEAPEST Prices Possible (6:37)
✔ What You Need to Know About Ordering Samples (3:01)
✔ The Shipping Process Explained! (8:38)
✔ How to Hire an Inspection Company (3:22)
✔ Hiring a Freight Forwarder with Ease (3:36)
✔ Creating a Shipping Plan and Generating Shipping Labels (16:09)

Module 7: Creating a Powerhouse Listing 
✔ The Basics of Creating a New Listing (6:48)
✔ Creating a Listing Part 2 (Extended Details) (6:01)
✔ Essentials of Optimizing and Placing Keywords (14:57)
✔ Choosing Keywords and Writing Your Listing (18:29)
✔ Product Pricing Like a Pro (3:15)
✔ How to Have the Ultimate Listing Pictures (7:35)
✔ How to Add Videos to Your Listing WITHOUT Brand Registry (3:27)
✔ Two Powerful Listing Hacks (3:10)
Module 8: Ranking, Launching, & Getting Reviews
✔ How the Ranking System Works (4:55)
✔ Launch Tactics to Get Sales and Reviews (9:45)
✔ The Number 1 Link to Use for Launching Products (2:50)
✔ Highly Effective Way to Get Weighted Sales (4:18)
✔ Deep Discounted Giveaway Details (4:18)
✔ How to Create Coupons for Promotions, Facebook Ads, and Deep Discounted Giveaways (6:07)
✔ What to Avoid When Building Reviews! (9:04)
✔ Amazon Early Reviewer Program (1:39)
✔ Amazon Giveaway Program
✔ Email Follow Up Campaign Basics (7:55)
✔ How to Create Powerful Follow Up Emails 1 (+ 2 Templates) (12:24)
✔ How to Create Powerful Follow Up Emails 2 (+ Template) (5:55)
✔ Using Product Inserts to Get Reviews! (+ Template) (6:57)
✔ Derek's Launch Strategy (2:59)
Module 9: Monster PPC Strategies
✔ The Power of PPC & PPC Explained (2:53)
✔ What to know before PPC (Understanding Match Types) (5:21)
✔ Creating Your First Automatic PPC Campaign (4:01)
✔ Creating Your First Manual PPC Campaign (7:31)
✔ Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns Like a Pro (14:31)
✔ Win Ad Placement By Pennies (3:48)
✔ How to Win Low Bid Ad Placements for Non Competitive Words (4:53)
✔ Making Sales with Untapped Keywords (4:16)
✔ How to Travel With PPC (1:17)
Module 10: Must-Know Business Operations
✔ What to do While Waiting for Your Shipment (3:54)
✔ How to Get the Best Seller Support and Call Amazon (1:45)
✔ Inventory Management and Running Out of Stock (3:07)
✔ How to Remove Negative Seller Feedback (3:20)
✔ How to Remove Genuine Negative Reviews + Template (8:03)
✔ How to Remove FAKE Negative Reviews + Template (2:19)
✔ Hijackers Explained and How to Remove Them (+ 4 Templates) (13:50)
✔ Effectively Hiring Virtual Assistants (9:04)
✔ How to Create a Powerful Ebook and Digital File (5:59)
✔ Tips for Selling Seasonal and Trending Products (7:35)
✔ Trademarks and Brand Registry (3:25)
✔ Preparing for Holiday Insanity! (1:36)
✔ Recommended Bookkeeping Software (1:23)
✔ Fulfilment Orders Simplified (3:04)
Module 11: BONUS Amazon Hacks & Tricks
✔ Frequently Bought Together Items HACK (5:18)
✔ Amazon's Choice Badge HACK (2:10)
✔ How to Open a Second Amazon Store the RIGHT Way (6:00)
Module 12: Facebook Ads, A World Beyond PPC 
✔ Intro to Facebook Ads (2:16)
✔ Creating a Facebook Presence (15:44)
✔ The Best Way to Find Your First Ad Audience (5:50)
✔ Facebook Ads Walkthrough (15:03)
✔ The Best Type of Link to Use for Facebook Ads (10:38)
✔ Facebook Ad Examples (5:53)
✔ Facebook Ad Strategy 1 (Basic Traffic Ad) (9:57)
✔ Facebook Ad Strategy 2 (ManyChat) (15:40)
✔ Building on ManyChat (5:10)
✔ Split Testing Facebook Ads for Amazon FBA (4:56)
✔ Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences for Facebook (11:31)
✔ Facebook Funnel Ad Template (4:26)
✔ Facebook Ad Strategy (9:44)
✔ *BONUS* Facebook offer ads (4:52)
Module 13: Social Media Marketing for Amazon FBA
✔ Introduction to Social Media Marketing (2:19)
✔ Instagram Page Examples + Influencer Types (8:20)
✔ Tips for Building an Instagram Following (PDF)
✔ Validating Instagram Influencers (4:46)
✔ Contacting Instagram Influencers + Template (5:22)
✔ Getting Reviews Through Instagram (3:24)
✔ Boosting Sales with Pinterest (6:31)
Module 14: Trouble Shooting + Solutions 
✔ Amazon Not Accepting Your Images (Solution) (1:06)
BONUS: Expanding Beyond Amazon with Shopify and Facebook Ads 
✔ Intro to Shopify for Amazon FBA (6:06)
✔ Integrating Amazon FBA and Shopify (13:56)
✔ Shopify Settings for Amazon FBA (7:57)
✔ Adding a Adding a Custom Domain to Your Shopify Store (2:51)
✔ How to Set Up a Pixel on Your Shopify Store (1:38)
✔Dynamic Product Ads for Shopify (7:34)
✔ Course Completion! (1:11)

Resources and News
✔ Course Lessons Coming Soon
✔ Course Resource Bank
✔ Glossary
✔ Playbook
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